Soft Opening

Hey guys !

This is my first blog so I would like to introduce myself. I write very informally. My writing style involves a very conversational tone. Like many of you I am also in my late teens. There are a lot of problems I face on a day to day basis and I go through awful mental stress. This mental stress although sometimes feels as if it drowns me and at many other times it feels as if it’s nothing. Moral dilemmas, broken trust and forgotten friendships form a prominent part of my daily thought process.

I name myself as the lone sailor as I have been a national level sailor. Sailing in all its glory and prestige also puts you alone in the deep blue ocean. My mind palace is formed when I am in the waters. It is my view of scenic beauty. It is my serenity. I drive inspiration from the sea. I derive my motivation from it.

I hope my blogs are relatable to a few of you and it helps. My only purpose of writing this is to let you know, that you’re not alone. You aren’t suffering cause you’re supposed to. I am here for you.

Please keep reading. Trust me. It’ll be worth it.



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