Crazed And Confused


The lux we all keep waiting for. While we think this is that amazing part of life where you can be carefree, get laid and finally be unquestioned. Well college strips you down. It separates and segregates people. Lines up people right up and gives them a reality check. A few years in college can make or break your life. You want a Ferrari? Now’s the time to start.

I see myself in the same situation. Currently swimming in an ocean. Need to chose a direction and swim. Don’t know if I’ll find the shore. Can kill to try. But do i have a choice?

I feel so confused. Don’t know what will work in the real world. Don’t know what won’t work. Everyone’s asking me to make my own decisions but how do I. There is no precedence. It’s driving me crazy. Don’t know what to do and how to do. All i know is I wanna be on the top. Hard work? crazy hours? I’m gonna do it all. I’m going to make sure that people keep watching me while I’m long gone.

I’ve got a show to put up. For myself. For others.

I want all heads turning when I enter a room and I’m gonna make it happen.


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