Single Simple

Giving relationship advise today guys, warm yourselves up.

Relationship as a noun –

                             “The way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected”

A relative term. Means so many different things to everyone. For some people it’s their life. For others its entertainment. Some are midway. I’ve been in and out of relationships too. It’s a wonderful experience though. It teaches you. It nurtures you and then it pulls you down all over again to begin again.

I have’t been able to get over my last girlfriend. Don’t know why. Emotions taking more my mind. Can’t seem to get a hold of them. Often i realize that my ex girlfriend does things just to get my attention. She says something else and means something else. Here I stand, ready to take a bullet for her and there she stands not even prepared to share her social life with me. Its a hollowing feeling. BUT, we’re too much in love aren’t we? Don’t know where to go. Always winding up back to her feet.

Well learnt something the hard way. We always can do better. We are only limited by our imagination. There isn’t just one girl on this planet. You’ll ALWAYS find some else. Some one who thinks just like you. In your teens attention always seems the answer. It isn’t.

Someone or something that makes you happy is.